Second call for particpants is launched!

Museomix is a lab for reinventing museums. It is an opportunity to mix innovative ideas and people, to think and collaborate.

Museomix’s mission is to let people take ownership of the museum, encouraging visitors to see museums and their collections in another way and allowing participants with wide-ranging passions and professions to meet and collaborate.

Over 3 days, Museomix opens museums to professionals with a variety of skills. Museums become playgrounds to experiment and prototype new ways of mediating content and culture. It enables new relationships between cultural institutions and users in co-working projects. Its energy springs from the variety of its participants and contributors!

The second call is opened till 30th of september included!


Call for museums for 2018 edition

The call is over since  may 30th.

You’re a community or a museum and keen on having more information? Get in touch with your local community!

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En 2017, Museomix took place in 8 countries, 13 cities, 14 places!

Please get in touch with  the nearest community  to know more and organizing the event!

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