Call for participants 2014

[section titre=”What is Museomix?”]

Museomix is a lab for reinventing museums. It is an opportunity to mix ideas and people, to think and collaborate.

For more on our vision and mission, check out our about page.

Museomix’s mission is to explore new ways that people can make museums their own, encouraging visitors to see museums and their collections in a new light and enabling participants with wide-ranging passions and professions to meet and collaborate.

Over 3 days, Museomix opens museums to professionals with an array of skills. Museums become playgrounds to experiment and prototype new ways of mediating content and culture. It enables new relations between cultural institutions and users in co-working projects. Its energy springs from the variety of its participants and contributors!

Join us for Museomix 2014!

Calling all participants! It’s time to send in your application (see below). Keep in mind that due to space and budget considerations, not everyone will be accepted.

Want to remix museums?

Museomix is taking place from Friday, November 7th to Sunday, November 9th, 2014. Prototypes will be presented to the public on the 10th and/or 11th November (participation is option, but it is always interesting to show your work to the public). From Friday morning to Sunday night you will collaborate in a mulitidisciplinary team to imagine and create your prototype, to encourage visitors to see museums in a new light, and to enable people to make the museum more their own. Get in there quick, you’ve got until the 30th of June to apply!

[section titre=”Decide where you want to remix a museum”]
Last year there were 6 museums in 3 countries, were remixed. In 2014, 7 museums in 4 countries will be ready to welcome you:

Choose your museum – and it does not have to be the closest one to you!

[section titre=”The 6 main profiles needed”]
The applications are opened to all contributions that lead to the co-creation of a new experience in museums.

You can find all the details about the profiles here (with examples of jobs and skills for each profile). We established six main categories of profiles :

  • Making – Do it yourself !
  • Mediation, interaction and users – Make a successful experience !
  • Contents – Make it true scientifically !
  • Communication and media – Make it know !
  • Programmation and development – Make it work !
  • Design – Make it beautiful !

Just tell us what matches to you and which skills you can bring to a team.

Your main skill will be the expertise you’ll bring to your team during the event. For example, if you choose “content” that means you will be in prototype’s content for the 3 days.

Something important before applying : notice we are looking more for wide-ranging skills than professions. Choose what you like to do and what you are confident with. The main thing is to be passionate and to have the desire to co-work with fun and enthusiasm in a friendly atmosphere.

What’s going to happen now?

Local communities are in charge of selecting candidates. Candidates are selected according to several criteria to create balaned teams, with multidisciplinary skillsets, to boost motivation

  • You need to agree with the missions and principles of Museomix.
  • You apply because you want be an agent of change, and help transform the museum experience.
  • You want to give it your all for three days, and to share a moment of creativity, generosity, good humor and invention.
  • You recogize that Museomix is a community the favors action, where collaboration is the best way to find solutions.
  • You know everything is not going to be perfect: nights will be short, brainstorming tiring, and nerves may break down…
  • You undstand the value of with open data and open licensing to encourage the sharing and reappropriation of the prototypes.

You can apply until september 29th. The selection process is based on where people come from, their former experience in Museomix, if they professional or students. Other criteria include:

  • Your ability to contribute to the realisation of a prototype
  • Your spirit and involvement with dynamic communities
  • La motivation

You may also apply as a “genius” or “facilitator”: they monitor and assist teams on specific points during the event. We need as many of them as museomixers involved in teams. If you feel interested, please contact the local community:

Fee participation

Participants have to pay 50€ HT for France/50£ for UK/ 65CHF for Switzerland/ CAN $100 for Quebec. This participation was around of global budget for former Museomix editions. It allows Museomix to an independent non profit organisation. Don’t‘ forget you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner during 3 days. If you participate as part of your job, participation fees are higher and you will get mission fees.
[section titre=”Apply before the september 29th !”]

>> Click here to apply. <<

Need more info? Have questions?

Say “Hello #Museomix” using the #museomix hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit; a community member will reply to you!