Residence where the Kings of France stayed during their coronation ceremony, le palais du Tau – former Archibishop’s Palace in Reims – is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Inside you will see memories from the Reims cathedral and elements showing the coronation splendor. An extraordinary treasure, from middle ages to the XIXth century, brings together sculptures, tapestry, costumes, ornaments and silversmithing pieces.


2 Place du Cardinal Luçon
51100 Reims

Opening hours

From 11th to 13th of November 2016


Museomix Est


1/ Technology at the heart of the visit

Le palais du Tau opens its rooms to the Musomixers to imagine new devices allowing visitors to experiment a unique, digital and innovative experience. To offer an artistic and cultural mediation thanks to participative and playful tools is at the heart of Museomix cocreative and experimental approach.

2/ A not visible enough palace

Le palais du Tau, Reims cathedral neighbor, do not benefit from the same reputation. How to make it more visible from the outside ? How to attract its visitors ? How to make this museum an essentiel of any visit to Reims, like the cathedral is?

3/ Le palais du Tau and families

How to give to all ages the taste of discovering the museum, together and in a playful way? How to transmit the keys to France History – in which the palace plays a major role?

4/ A museum open to all

Le palais du Tau can be seen as an elitist place. How to remove barriers and invite new visitors to discover the place ? How to transform the museum in a trendy place to attract different types of visitors (young adults, teenagers, …)?

2016 edition

The team

Angélique Bretaudeau
Julie Sollier