Museomix is a creative 3-day marathon in museums.This international event takes place every year in November. It is open to participants from all walks of life. Museomix is not a contest. The organization of a Museomix is supported by a majority of volunteers. Museomix is part of a context of open innovation with museums, companies, start-ups, communities and the general public. Museomix creates the conditions of innovation for museography, scenography, the relationship with the public, the relationship to work, the digital transformation of museums. Museomix encourages professional meetings, multidisciplinarity, the discovery of other ways of working and other methodologies. Join Museomix!

The 2018 edition of Museomix will take place from November 9 to 11!


In 2018, it’s in 5 countries, 8 places and 9 museums!

You choose! Mons in Belgium, Saint-Brieuc, Nice, Caen, Lille in France, Zagreb in Croatia, Dakar in Senegal or Quito in Ecuador?

Follow the event day by day on the 2018 edition page.

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Special Openings: a public meeting in Bologna, Italy

A late-June friday afternoon in Palazzo Pepoli - Museum of the History of Bologna, organized by Museomix Italia to promote dialogue on cultural innovation and participation. Museomix is an international community built by a number of institutions across the planet....

Call for participants 2016

[section titre="What is Museomix?"] Museomix is a lab for reinventing museums. It is an opportunity to mix innovative ideas and people, to think and collaborate. To know more about our vision and mission, check here. Museomix’s mission is to let people take ownership...

A concept

Museomix is ​​a citizen event created in 2011. It is an innovation laboratory to develop new forms of mediation and renew the uses of cultural venues.


A net of local communities

Local communities co-organize each Museomix event. Communities spread digital and participatory culture. They share the desire to reinvent the museum of tomorrow.



Museomix contributes to the digital transformation of museums. Participants create innovative and publicly tested tools and experiences.


Join the nearest community

is supported by the French Ministery of Culture since the beginning