Team Bablyon

Discover ancient Roman Toulouse through an interactive activity in the museum

An exploration of Roman-Toulouse history for families. Team Bablyon developed an interactive activity using Virtual Reality, video and text as well as a specially-made installation in situ on the 2nd floor gallery

Why not join us and explore ancient Roman-Toulouse history with a specially-made virtual reality interactive on the 2nd floor gallery? Team Babylon developed this concept over the course of 2 days during Museomix Toulouse 2016 with a gang of coders, museum educators, science gallery leaders and illustrator.

Unlock the mystery of Roman life in Toulouse over 1500 years ago. Visit the museum and travel back in time with the help of a virtual reality activity and discover how familiar objects were used. We want to inspire families with these everyday objects that are found in the cases and realise that could be you in the ancient past. Use the modern way of playing ancient games, throw a virtual dice and connect with the Roman Empire in France.











Virtual Reality software



vinyl & vinyl cutter

laser cutter

automatic cutter


Group work – we assigned each pair the task to explore content through different means.

Finally on Saturday we developed after our initial idea, how to develop the content in relation to the objects selected for our theme, and we carried out the tasks with completion



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Janne, Maker, Finnish Museums Association, Finland

Jenny, Communicator, Chester Beatty Library, Ireland

Jo, Expert, Heritec UK

Cederic, Developer Limoges, France

Louise,UX, Mediator, London, UK

Vincent, UX Developer Bordeaux, France

Martin, Maker, Trondheim, Norway

Mona, Communicator, Museum Curator, Finland

Clement, Developer, Toulouse