With the Masscope, the user can explore the museum within going inside. He can see a overview of the collections.

In practice, the user look into a periscope staying on the roof of the museum, without imagine what he will see inside. When he look, he see a view in more or less180° degree of one floor from the museum. The periscope moves and then he can see more left or right.

Furthermore, there is a grip that make the possibility to change the floor. So the user can explore all the museum (even the atelier or the storage).

This prototype has been selected by the museum to make it durable

Allard Claire : Maker

Enderle Valérie : Graphism

Fontaine Catherine : Content

Khodzhaeva Antonina : Communicant

Martins Suzana : Facilitator

Pirson Martin : Coder

Vandenbroeck Naomi : Mediator

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