Belo Horizonte


1 city, 15 cultural spaces, 2 main goals: strengthening ties between cultural spaces itself and between Circuito Liberdade with its community; stimulate the cultural spaces of the Circuito Liberdade to appropriate of possible contents for their exibitions from the collections of the state`s public cultural spaces.

Rainha da Sucata: Praça da Liberdade s/n, Belo Horizonte city, Minas Gerais /Brazil

Belo Horizonte Brazil
The Circuito Liberdade features set of 15 qualified and integrated cultural spaces, among museums, libraries, centers of culture and training, which bring together different aspects of the cultural and artistic universe. And it is not the only thing, Circuito Liberdade, is basically an undeniable cultural value conferred on the entire Architectural and Landscape Set of the Praça da Liberdade, which includes gardens, alleys, lakes, fountains, monuments and surrounding buildings that together compose the cultural urban landscape, bringing elements of eclectic, art deco, modern and contemporary architecture.
The building “Rainha da Sucata” is where mainly the marathon will take place. It added several values and conceptions throughout its history, breaking modernist dogmas of the time of its inauguration and contributing to the discussion about heritage. It is a building whose architecture refers to the various buildings of the Circuito Liberdade, in a subversive and surprising dialogue, working with ideals of innovation and overcoming.

We believe that the “Rainha da Sucata” building is symbolically and structurally ideal for achieving the proposal of Museomix 2017. Its avant-garde soul inspires and encourages the emergence of new ideas, while carrying with it the historical, architectural and symbolic of the city of Belo Horizonte/MG. The building itself is constitute as part of collection to be worked in the Museomix marathon, as well as all the buildings that integrate the Circuito Liberdade, based on the logic that cultural heritage understanding and appreciation are strong partners of social and cultural development in a sustainable way.

Seeking to stimulate the participants, we propose some possibilities, challenges perceived in the Circuito Liberdade. Parts of the vasty collections of state’s public cultural spaces of Circuito Liberdade will be selected in order to delineate a horizon to museomixers and will serve as an input to museomixers’ creations in harmony with the possibilities of construction placed below:

• Make the collections of cultural spaces available/accessible to the public.

• To stimulate the cultural spaces of the Circuito Liberdade to take possession of possible contents for their spaces from the collections of the Biblioteca Pública Estadual, Arquivo Público Mineiro, Museu Mineiro and the library of Instituto de Patrominio Histórico e Artístico de Minas Gerais

• Understand the transformation over time of the vocation of the urban space of Praça da Liberdade and its surroundings - from an administrative, political and symbolic vocation to a cultural vocation.

• Provide the perception of integration between the cultural places of the Circuito Liberdade.

• Expand and promote the accessibility and inclusion of the public with disabilities and/or social vulnerability in the cultural places of the Circuito Liberdade.

Museomix Minas Gerais

The Minas Gerais’ community was born from the initiative of enthusiasts from the Circuito Liberdade’s team and the embassy of France in Brazil and has gradually expanded, becoming a group of 100 people involved since December of 2016.

It is the first community of South America and it is the first time the methodology is translated and used in Portuguese.

The name of the community is a reference to the state of Minas Gerais, a huge and diverse state where Museomix story is beginning to be written in Brazil. The community uses Portuguese as spoken language, English is used only for external communication.