Museomix People make museum

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You can get in touch with the nearest community to know more or help organizing the event.

This year, we will be in 12 different places in 8 different countries!

The 2016 Museomix edition took place in 5 countries, 15 cities and 17 museums and cultural places.

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1 event = 1 community = 1 experience to live and share

Museomix is the first international cultural makeathon that mixes skills and insights.
Museomix is a gathering of mediators, tinkerers, designers, developers, graphic designers, communicators, artists, writers, scientists … at the heart of a museum to experiment and connect together.
Museomix is a 3-day creative sprint to invent, design, prototype and test innovative museum installations with new technologies.

The next intercommunity meeting will be in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th of september 2017 !

If you are part of a community, please subscribe on our forum to have more information and keep in touch!

Museomix 2014 in a few videos

Museomix doesn’t stop and it a shared event organized in collaboration between communities and museums. You can join the nearest community !

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